Refreshingly new.
Inspiringly different.

„The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.“

- E. E. Cummings

It’s the story about the curious child inside us that unexpectedly falls through a magical puddle. Equipped only with the power of imagination, the child plunges headfirst into an exciting new world . . . #somewhereinbetween The puddle is our mirror, the reflection of our own self. A connection between the two worlds urban and nature.

Puddle jump. Headfirst into life.

Neo-ecology & love to nature





Chilling in the Duene Enjoy the view

Jumping into the magical puddle. And already you’re in the thick of it. What do you feel like? Pulsating city vibes or the wealth of nature? Trying something new or daydreaming? Togetherness or solitude? We’re the place where you can choose how much urban liveliness and how much serenity of nature you want to experience. Somewhere in between.

We’re the world as we like it. A dash of city, a serving of nature. At it with verve. Where life is at. With a pronounced sense for the beautiful and good things. Always one step ahead. In love with surprises. Inspiring. Comfort zone? We just leave that behind us and embark on new discoveries.

Urban Nature Community: Feels like somewhere in between

Urban Nature inspires, creates meeting places, stimulates thought and discussion, celebrates and revels in the tranquillity. The open architecture and the community spaces inside and outside make it easy to get into conversation. Indoor and outdoor events take place regularly – from morning swims to walkie-talkie tours with doggos, from DIY workshops to poetry slams in the evening. Anyone who wants to meet up. For a games night, the somewhere talk, at the bar for a concert, on the rooftop for sunrise meditation.