You say „Woof“, we say „Hi“

Our place in between the worlds is open to all. Always. Every day. We have compiled a few facts here so that your stay will be wau and amazing!

Too good to see you! What’s up doggy dog?

Your pawfect stay

We are ready for you. Are you? Straight after your arrival you will find a bowl of fresh water for your buddy at the entrance. There’s more in our lobby. Twenty four seven, unlimited.

Anticipation is half the pleasure! Several fancy amenities can be found in the room. Your best buddy gets an xtra-comfy bed (feeling home away from home), a cool food bowl and a tasty welcome treat. Kudos to our friends from the Hund von Eden - everything is produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable way, of course. If you enjoy it, you can get your favourite gadgets to take home with you.

Four friends walking along the dunes with dog

Doggie’s Paradise


Unlimited Opportunities

Welcome to doggie’s paradise! The entire beach of St. Peter-Ording is your playground – on a leash! And if you feel like letting your dog run free, there are two special dog areas for extensive romping (“Bad” beach section behind the pier, only about 15 minutes walk from the hotel, “Ording Nord” section a little further away). One more? The fenced-in dog area “Westmarken” in the village is perfectly safe and offers enough space.

Besides that? Endless space right by the water for you and your partner. Perfect for jumping through puddles and fluttering in the wind together.

Woman walks her dog across mudflats



Love for Nature

Our heart beats in green. St. Peter-Ording is located directly in the National Park. Please, respect mother nature and show consideration for flora, fauna and other people. What else? Bag dispensers for... you know, are available everywhere.


Just in case and good to know:

A veterinary practice is only a few minutes away from the hotel. You ain’t ever need it hopefully!


Dog beach of Bad

Dog beach Ording-Nord

Dog park St. Peter-Ording

Some more general information

Our heartbeat is woof-woof.

Not everyone has a furry companion, so please bear in mind...


  • Reservations with your furry friend must be confirmed by us in advance.
  • Some areas in the hotel are exclusively reserved for two-legged guests. That is to say: catering areas except from bar and lobby, Self Care Club and Rooftop Bar. Sorry about that!
Dog utensils in hotel room Couple with dog happy about dog place in hotel room