Good News: We are there for you almost 24/7.

Daily needs or late night cravings? Our Store & Stuff has everything you need or didn’t even know you needed. Mate or beer at 3 am, last minute gifts or stylish gadgets for that Urban Nature feeling to go – you want it? We have it!

Opening hours Store & Stuff

Daily from 6 am – 4 am the next day

Location: Ground floor - Come in and have a look!




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Store & Stuff goes above and beyond.

Food & Drinks

Breakfast for Early Birds, Beach Picnic and Late Night Bockwurst.

Woman shows chocolate muffin at kiosk counter

Something to snack on!

Auntie`s Lil Breaky (Croissant, French roll, Coffee)
Fresh & ready packed snacks (savoury & sweet)
Everything ready for a picnic between salt marsh sheep, dune landscapes and sandbanks (delicious
food & drinks, rental cool boxes and cool packs (deposit system)).

And much more.

Auntie`s Lil Breaky Overnight Snack

Never enough Store & Stuff

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