Have a break.
Lila Wolken Selfcare Club

Need a break from city vibes? Nature loves to take care of you. Saunas warm, functional fitness invigorates, yoga restores your balance at the community club up on the roof.

Cloudy fairy-tales are reflected in the tideland puddles of St. Peter by the second. If you take a bit of time, you can jump in headfirst – into a world of reflections, crazy dreams, long nights and colourful ideas. When you come up again, the clouds have already turned purple. What does that mean? You’ve been inspired and feel free. The sun rises over the dyke and that’s all you need! We’re back on track, grounded in green. Ready for the next adventure.

Treatments and care from the sea make you shine. Fine specials, from North Sea algae to high-grade organic care by L:A Bruket from Sweden. By the way, you can book massages, packs, peelings and facials online 24/7.