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Christian Bärwinkel kites from Föhr to St. Peter-Ording:

Urban Nature St. Peter-Ording introduces its management team

Munich, January 11, 2022 (w&p) - Somewhere in between: the newly created hotel brand Urban Nature under the umbrella of Hirmer Hospitality combines the best of the city and the country - vibrant and easy going, relaxed and right in the middle. The concept creates a polarizing living space where everyone feels welcome and at home. The first Urban Nature Hotel will open in St. Peter-Ording in April 2022. The urban hotel, which is located directly on the coast, will be managed by Christian Bärwinkel and his deputy Sara Heusch. At 32 years of age each, the two embody the young and contemporary spirit that will be typical of Urban Nature Hotels.

Christian Bärwinkel, a trained hotel manager, moved to the island of Föhr in 2017 after completing his business studies at the University of Bayreuth. There he opened the Uptalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand as deputy hotel director, where he worked until recently. As General Manager of the Urban Nature St. Peter-Ording, he will lead a team that will be characterized by mutual communication at eye level and friendly cooperation. The work at the hotel effortlessly blurs the boundaries between job and free time.

Bärwinkel on his decision to become part of the Urban Nature Cosmos: "For me, Urban Nature means a completely new approach to working in the hotel industry. The pointed positioning and the clear Urban Nature concept offer room for something really new - both for the guest experience as well as for the general workflows and daily processes on the employee side. I am very much looking forward to building a strong Urban Nature community, consisting of guests and employees. It reflects the exciting mix of innovative brand and employee philosophy, combined with a lifestyle where work and leisure are in harmony. Also, I can finally try my hand at kitesurfing - that's been on my To Do list for a long time."

Alongside Christian Bärwinkel, Sara Heusch will in future be steering the fortunes at Urban Nature St. Peter-Ording as deputy general manager. The trained chef has already worked as Chef de Partie as well as Deputy Head Chef and Event Manager. Most recently, she was Front Office Manager at Beach Motel Heiligenhafen. Heusch thus embodies the diversity that Urban Nature Cosmos has to offer. Diverse resumes are welcome here. Even career changers who have not yet had any contact with the hotel industry are welcome. Sara Heusch was convinced by the concept: "I find the approaches of the new Urban Nature brand incredibly exciting. I think it's essential to combine the best of both worlds, to create your own cosmos, and to welcome everyone as they are - both with regard to the guests and the employees. A strong team spirit, a trusting and inspiring working atmosphere and the right mix of job and leisure time are for me the long-term key to a successful brand in the hotel industry. As a passionate racing cyclist, you will certainly see me riding through the region around St. Peter-Ording more often in the future. And since I love concerts, I would like to bring some of them to us at Urban Nature."

Edith Gerhardt, Managing Director of Hirmer Hospitality, also emphasizes the special nature of Urban Nature Hotels: "We are very pleased to have won Christian Bärwinkel and Sara Heusch as two creative minds for our new brand. With their appreciative and passionate nature, they will help to establish and continuously develop the unique concept of Urban Nature. The focus will be on an innovative leadership approach: Today, more than ever, it is important to give employees an emotional sense of their work. The mood and the cohesion of the crew are a central aspect for the success of a hotel business and thus ultimately also decide on the quality and authenticity that we offer our guests."

In the future, Christian Bärwinkel and Sara Heusch will steer the Urban Nature Cosmos of the approximately 70-strong crew. If you fancy something new, a hotel experience of a different kind, and have always wanted to feel the stiff North Sea breeze blowing around your nose, you've come to the right place. The recruiting process is still running. All information can be found here.

More information about the hotel and the brand at www.urban-nature.de.

About Urban Nature

The best of both worlds: Urban Nature is more than just another hotel brand. Urban Nature is a place of fusion, of double contrasts, of fantasy and dreaming. City and country, community and cocooning, self-discovery and security - Urban Nature positions itself as a polarizing living space for modern nomads with an urban lifestyle, surrounded by fancy landscapes and always in harmony with nature. Like a magic puddle connecting city and country, Urban Nature makes it easy to leave your personal comfort zone and broaden your horizons - to be inspired and create new space for yourself. Whether building sand castles, juggling soap bubbles or bending around raindrops - somewhere in between, now and here, everyone is welcome. The first house of the brand opens in April 2022 in St. Peter-Ording.

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