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Holidays are reimagined at the Urban Nature Hotel St. Peter-Ording!

Munich, April 7th 2022 (w&p) ― Urban Nature Hotels has found its first home in the heart of St. Peter-Ording on the North Sea coast and opens its doors to new worlds on April 7th 2022. The concept blurs boundaries and creates a place where both guests and locals alike can freely choose how much urban vibrancy or natural serenity they want to experience.

All about us!

St. Peter-Ording combines vastness, wind and waves and stands for pure nature. For the urban contrast, the new Urban Nature Hotel infuses the area with that certain dash of big
city flair and creates pulsating vibes. Located directly on the dyke, 90 rooms, including 13suites, offer views of the forest, sea and horizon.

Globetrotters and locals mingle between day and night in the Drifters Hang Out Bar. Bar pioneer Jörg Meyer has added a big dash of his concept and creativity to the drinks. Cozy kitchen party feeling meets views over the wild North Sea: on the hotel’s rooftop, the expansive Scraper's Club inspires its guests. Cloudy fairytales of St. Peter-Ordings at your fingertips - The Self Care Club Lila Wolken boasts, in addition to a Finnish and a bio sauna, a total of three treatment rooms, a functional fitness space with Peloton equipment, a yoga get-away and a spacious outdoor terrace. Specially trained gurus - osteopaths and alternative practitioners - are onsite to assist with various health topics. Treatments and care products come from the North Sea: From fine specials made from seaweed, mud, seawater and North Sea salt to high-quality natural cosmetics from L:A Bruket in Sweden. After a visit to the Self Care Club, you will be inspired, revitalised and ready for the next adventure in St. Peter-Ording.

Sea air makes you hungry: The restaurant Auntie Clara offers the best "unconventional soul food". Recipes inspired from countries around the world with a touch of love: Auntie Clara combines the art of cooking with a passion for travelling and creates encounters - something Urban Nature considers to be the best thing about food. Chef Morris Merker and his team are the soul and managers of Auntie and pay special attention to the small but important details. Shawarma from the organic local salt meadow lamb or clam chowder with North Sea mussels. Except for a few evergreens, the menu is changed regularly - depending on the season, mood and desire. Good wines are served by expert Stephanie Döring from her wine store on St. Pauli in Hamburg. Togetherness is also further celebrated in The Community Spaces and Creative Corners. Silence can be enjoyed during a walk along the dyke in front of the house or while counting sheep on the salt marshes around the corner. And if it’s getting late, the Store & Stuff kiosk has everything you need: From last-minute gifts to late-night cravings and Urban Nature merch.

We need nature!

That's why Urban Nature focuses on neo-ecological initiatives and products. The hotel works with a wide range of high-quality cooperation partners such as iLoveEcoEssentials, Bridge&Tunnel and Cleanwave. Guests receive their personal drinking bottles upon arrival, which they can refill at any time in the lobby. A special highlight are the Second Adventure staff uniforms designed by sustainable fashion designer Anna Schuster. The new hotel is under the management of Christian Bärwinkel. The 33-year-old embodies the concept of the hotel with his heart and soul: "The Urban Nature St. Peter-Ording is - in comparison to other holiday hotels - refreshing in every way. We open our doors to guests from all over the world and locals alike. Everyone is welcome here."

Edith Gerhardt, Managing Director of Hirmer Hospitality, is also enthusiastic about the conceptual implementation: "The tourism industry, especially post COVID-19, demands a new way of thinking and something different. Together with our local team, we seek to redefine the hotel world with the Urban Nature brand in order to meet the diverse needs and lifestyles of our guests. Urban Nature is an important milestone in our expansion strategy. We are convinced that the courage to stand out will pay off. We cordially invite you to get to know the Urban Nature Hotel St. Peter-Ording in a new and inspiringly different way."

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About Urban Nature

The best of both worlds: Urban Nature is more than just another hotel brand. Urban Nature is a place of fusion, of double contrasts, of fantasy and dreaming. City and country, community and cocooning, self-discovery and security - Urban Nature defines itself as a polarizing living space for modern nomads with an urban lifestyle, surrounded by fancy landscapes and always in harmony with nature. Like a magic puddle connecting city and country, Urban Nature makes it easy to escape your personal comfort zone and expand your horizons - to be inspired and create new space for yourself. Whether it's building sand castles, juggling soap bubbles or bending around raindrops - somewhere in between, now and here, everyone is welcome. The brand's first house opened in St. Peter-Ording in April 2022.

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