Chef of new Urban Nature St. Peter-Ording

Morris Merker creates modern Eiderstedt soulfood

Munich, February 21, 2022 (w&p) - The best of both worlds: The newly created hotel brand Urban Nature under the umbrella of Hirmer Hospitality combines the best of the city and the country - vibrant and easy going. The first Urban Nature hotel opens in April 2022 in St. Peter-Ording. The gastronomic approach in the hotel is refreshingly different: The concept in the restaurant "Auntie Clara" is expressed through the heart. Stands for emotions and perceptions. Can be shaped by smells, tastes, stories, ideas and thoughts. The new chef Morris Merker and Auntie Clara are a true match. Together, the two travel the culinary globe and combine it all with a good dash of regionality to create authentic Eiderstedt soul food. In concrete terms, this means shawarma from organic salt meadow lamb from the village or clam chowder with North Sea mussels. In addition to some evergreens, the dishes are changed regularly - depending on the season, mood and desire.

Morris Merker is a trained social pedagogue who came to cooking in a roundabout way and turned his hobby into his profession. After training in a small gastronomic business in southwestern Germany, he worked in a trendy restaurant in Basel, among other places. The job in the kitchen is his great passion: "I am totally excited about the new challenge at Urban Nature St. Peter-Ording. I'm particularly attracted by the hotel's unconventional concept. For me, creativity, craftsmanship and clear communication at eye level are what counts in the kitchen. It's the only way that honest plates end up on the table and everyone enjoys what they do. I want to inspire the guests with this philosophy."

Morris Merker | Küchenchef

Hotel director Christian Bärwinkel is also already looking forward to the collaboration: "In the restaurant "Auntie Clara" we combine urban glamour with rural pithiness and natural ingredients - urban interpreted, down to earth, honest and genuine. We are happy and grateful that we have found the perfect chef for us in Morris Merker. Morris convinces with unusual creativity, high professional competence and contagious passion for cooking."

The restaurant "Auntie Clara" is by far not the only culinary hotspot at Urban Nature St. Peter-Ording: The "Store & Stuff" kiosk offers 24/7 survival snacks, midnight cravings and early-bird breakfasts. The "Drifters Hang out Bar" offers freshly tapped draft beer, casual long drinks and fancy cocktails for those who celebrate life at every moment. Finally, the rooftop bar "Scraper's Club" offers a cool selection of drinks and an amazing view.

The Urban Nature Cosmos is currently still looking for reinforcements. Everyone who has a desire on a hotel experience of the other kind, has come to the right place. Christian Bärwinkel: "We are looking for people who fill our concept with life and give free rein to their creativity - no matter in which role. We are open to all people with heart, passion and personality."

All information on the recruiting process can be found here.

More information about the hotel and the brand at

About Urban Nature

The best of both worlds: Urban Nature is more than just another hotel brand. Urban Nature is a place of fusion, of double contrasts, of fantasy and dreaming. City and country, community and cocooning, self-discovery and security - Urban Nature positions itself as a polarizing living space for modern nomads with an urban lifestyle, surrounded by fancy landscapes and always in harmony with nature. Like a magic puddle connecting city and country, Urban Nature makes it easy to leave your personal comfort zone and broaden your horizons - to be inspired and create new space for yourself. Whether building sand castles, juggling soap bubbles or bending around raindrops - somewhere in between, now and here, everyone is welcome. The first house of the brand opens in April 2022 in St. Peter-Ording.


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