Dune Happening

Day drinking and good vibes


to perhaps

the smallest

rooftop bar

in the world.

Rooftop bar interior on Urban Nature Hotel SPO

Cozy kitchen party feeling meets the big wide world. Goosebumps included. Let the everyday whirlpool whirl you to the top. Scratching the horizon. Sending to-dos to hell. Scraper’s Club means nature feelings in big screen format.

Scraper's Club is called Nature Feelings in Big Screen Format.

Thursday to sunday 4.00 pm - 9.00 pm


Grab your crew or come alone.

Mingle with the crowd or keep the moment private. No matter what you like - we are open for everybody. Perfect for gliding smoothly from afternoon into evening with a delicious highball.
Tight Tide, wide View.

Bar menu

Truly between worlds.

Tight Tide, wide View.

A Place in between. The freedom of the moment in the face of the elements. Somewhere between Indoor and Outdoor. Here or there? Yesterday, today, tomorrow - who cares? The sky: Within reach. The sea: always in your nose. Truly Unique. Unforgettable during thunderstorms. Feel the elements and get connected with Mother Nature.

Cool Events coming up.

Nothing is revealed yet, but nothing you'll want to miss. Barbecue, bands, DJs and many other highlights are about to happen soon. Fancy your own show? Scraper's Club is available for private parties or corporate events upon request. Make Scraper's Club your personal haven between worlds.

Friends treat themselves to a drink in rooftop bar

Dates available via mail

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