What to expect?

Unconventional soul food. In a contemporary style. In the best way. Recipes inspired by all around the world. Made with fresh local ingredients. Regional influences. Made with love, passion and imagination. For who? For you. For us. For everyone. The taste of passion. Welcome to Auntie Clara.

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We are looking forward enjoying your visit at Auntie Clara.

Everybody needs a cool aunt.

An aunt that is your go-to person. An aunt who always tells the best bad jokes. (“I eat cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere”) An aunt who understands. No matter what you’ve messed up again. Always. Someone who makes you feel cosy and comfortable, and energizes you. An aunt to go to vernissages with and to shoot canoes with. In essence: the Patty to your Selma on The Simpsons.

Please allow us
to introduce ourselves…

Woman sitting on kitchen counter and browsing cookbook

This is Auntie Clara

Traveled to all corners of the world, blown by the mind.

Home on all the continents - based in Nordfriesland,

right behind the dike, she is always buzzing around the block to come home again.

In her luggage: thousands of ingenious food inspirations from her trips, which she has left us as souvenirs.

This is her: the Auntie in between

Why are we telling you all of this?

Food is the fuel that keeps our engine running. Good food, however, can do so much more. It connects, captivates, comforts and makes us want to live. Come and celebrate the joy of eating and much more with us at Auntie Clara – home of hygge and tastiness.


Community is half the pleasure

Auntie Clara is both a cozy living room and a showcase for life. A place far away from rigid conventions and etiquette. Or, as Clara put it: Table manners are for people that aren’t hungry. This place is about mouth-watering good food and sharing moments in the community. They say shared moments are the best moments. And what could be a better moment than eating food you’d like to never forget? Be part of Auntie Clara! This place is what it is because of you. A colourful showcase of lif in all its variety. A place to exchange stories. A place where time and space do not matter. A place – in the truest sense – somewhere in between.

Six hands reach for a plate with food

Auntie Clara says:

"Food doesn’t ask silly questions, food understands…"


It's always thyme to ...

Aunties Breaky

07.00 - 11.00


17.30 - 22.00


Lunch-Snacks at Store & Stuff

Cook spices food in the pan

Auntie Clara says:

"Table manners are for people that aren’t hungry!"

Our responsibility - your pleasure

To us, eating is so much more than just getting your fill. Our hearts beat in green.
For us, good food means combining your sensory experience with a positive social and environmental impact. Of course, we can't save the world single-handedly. But we are convinced: It's the little things that matter most. That's why at Auntie Clara we focus on sustainability and naturalness. Wherever possible, we use seasonal organic ingredients from selected local manufacturers and partners.

We are out of this world!
sustainable, nutritious, delicious…

Cheesemaker prepares cheese loaves for storage Woman holding sheep in arms in barn

The style is Urban and the ingredients are Nature


  • Marienenhof
  • Grell Naturkost
  • Friesische Schafskäserei
  • Landschlachterei Burmeister
  • Krabben und Fischhandel Tönning
  • Frische Paradies
  • Dorfbäckerei & Konditorei B. Siercks

The food sources: Yummmy