Local with a twist.

Let Auntie Clara whisk you away for soul food journeys. Drift away at Drifters Hang Out. Celebrate life on the rooftop at the Scraper’s Club. Grab your late-night bockwurst at Store & Stuff.

Auntie Clara is a true master of the art of living. She travels around the world, from kitchen to kitchen, knows every fisherman and vegetable farmer in the region, mixes and matches with fantasy and soul. She creates Eiderstedt soul food and, her favourite, sharing dishes.

Globetrotters meet between day and night at Drifters Hang Out, let their thoughts roam free and watch the goings-on. Up on the roof, at the Scraper’s Club, the expansive view is inspiring. The North Sea wind blows around your ears. Whatever you want in-between – 24/7 at Store & Stuff.

Eiderstedter Soulfood

Auntie Clara

Auntie Clara loves fusion. And good food, naturally. And good company. And she’s curious. She peeks inside all kitchens while traveling, tries stuff, and is told secrets. When she’s back, she’s bubbling with ideas. Then she hits markets, fishmongers, selects, experiments, changes this and that, until the perfect Eiderstedt soul food dish is finished. Tastes like somewhere in between!

  • Breakfast Monday to Friday: 7:30 am - 11:00 am
    Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday: 7:30 am - noon
  • Dinner: 05.30 pm - kitchen time 09.30 pm | open 11.00 pm


Lunch-Snacks at Store & Stuff

  • Ramen soup with Auntie Clara’s umami broth
  • Auntie Clara’s Wattenmeer (Wadden Sea) clam chowder
  • Shawarma served with Eiderstedt organic salt marsh lamb
High Tide, High Times @Auntie Clara

For globetrotters

Drifters Hang Out

If globetrotters feel like a break, they go to Drifters Hang Out. Together or alone. Inside or on the terrace. Drifting about, deep in thought or conversation. Forgetting time between day and night. With drinks and snacks, vibes and sounds.

  • daily 6.00 pm - 1.00 am



  • Highballers "Tinkerbell" & "St. Peter"
Hanging out @Drifters Hang Out

High in the sky

Scraper‘s Club

Most beautiful rooftop terrace in town? Maybe even the smallest rooftop terrace in the world? Here it is! The Scraper’s Club tickles the clouds, lets the wind caress your face, gives you the sun and the moon and the stars and a feeling of great freedom. Be seeing you. With a drink or when the club turns into a community event place.

  • Thursday to sunday 4.00 pm - 9.00 pm



  • Goulash soup & mulled wine in winter
  • Asian street food events
  • Organic kettle crisps & veggie crisps
Friends sunbathing on hotel roof terrace

Kiosk & Concept Store

Store & Stuff

Feel like bockwurst around midnight? Have your little sunrise breaky. Get sandwiches and Auntie Clara’s carrot muffins for your cycling tour or your trip to the beach. Meet friends, make new acquaintances. Whatever you need, from snacks to drinks, is here around the clock.

  • Aunties Lil' Breaky (Early Bird Breakfast)
  • 6:00 am to 4:00 am - Survival Drinks & Snacks
Man drives woman in shopping trolley