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Getting there

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Place to be


Longboards and handcarts

Grinding to the edge of the rainbow! Explore the Hood with our longboards. The beach promenade in front of Urban Nature is perfect for carving.

Let's go to the beach party! With our pimped-out trolley, you don't have to worry about transporting your equipment. Of course, we'll also provide you with a cool box for fresh drinks. Apart from that, the cool vehicle has enough space for all kinds of bits and pieces.

Rental fee per longboard: € 5
Rental fee per handcart: € 5

Skater drives over asphalted driveway to underground car park


Rental bikes

The wind in your hair, your nose in the sun - your experience is more than real. If you want to go a little further than just fluttering around the block, grab a rental bike. Not only will you be on the road with zero emissions, but you'll also be immersed in the surroundings. There are a number of rental stations (for e-bikes as well, of course) in SPO. First come, first serve? You can try it. But it's even better to reserve your bike in advance and play it safe.

Here you will find all the information you need on bike rentals in SPO (German language only)

Woman lying on a blanket by her bike

Four of our favourite bike tours
with start and finish right at the Urban Nature Hotel!

So many new Places to discover!

Man stretches his arms in North German landscape

St. Peter-Ording is loud and quiet, plain and colourful, it’s all hustle and bustle here – somehow a bit of everything, somewhere in between.

From the best beach areas to nice skate spots and artsy places, to the best views of the whole of Eiderstedt – we reveal our favourite hotspots and hidden gems:

Must see and an amazing view!

Lake Dwellings

THE must see in St. Peter-Ording - pile dwellings are unique and exclusive to us! A short explanation: pile dwellings are wooden huts on stilts (looks at least as bad as it sounds!) - up to 7 metres high and guaranteed the best view over the mudflats!

Westerhever Lighthouse

Talking about amazing views - on the Westerhever Lighthouse you are even closer to the clouds, the sky is almost within your reach. The view from up here stretches across the entire Eiderstedt peninsula - almost as nice as the view from our rooftop. The Westerhever lighthouse is located on the other side of Tümlauer Bucht (by the way, another nice spot, you can check out on the way), wears classy red and white and definitely belongs on your North Sea sightseeing list!

Insider tip: Take a look into the sky - from the birdwatching hut at Tümlauer Bucht you can relax and watch birds, for example during a picnic with friends. Did you know? The area around the Wadden Sea is a real hotspot for birds: here you can find super special bird species that are very typical for the North Sea and the mudflats. A must for all bird fans, animal lovers or those who are just looking for a feel-good place.

Stake building beach St. Peter Ording

Mudflats, mudflats, mudflats!

Dune natural trail across the mudflats

The Wadden Sea makes the whole area around Urban Nature a place of discovery. The German Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason - we think it's pretty fresh. It's crazy how the landscape here changes with the tides - moving between land and water, in constant transformation. Take a closer look, e.g. on a hike across the mudflats along the dune nature trail. By the way: The Wadden Sea is not only a hotspot for birds, but also for seals, grey seals and harbour porpoises!

Beach Life

Life is better at the beach - especially when the beach is over 12 kilometres long! Divided into 5 different areas, you'll find everything your North Sea-loving heart desires here, from doggo paradise to surf spot. Our favourite beach place: the Ording beach area. There's a surf school here and pretty nice events on a regular basis.

Overgrown dune landscape

Setting sail - destination Urban Nature


From Hamburg, there is an hourly connection to St. Peter-Ording. With a short stopover, you will reach your destination in about 2 hours 45 minutes. It is best to get off at "Bad St. Peter Ording". From there it's an easy 15-minute walk (via "Hund von Eden" - "Mondenkind" - turn right after the bus stop and follow the path to your destination), or you can take a taxi for the last stretch. Otherwise, take bus line 3 ("Cityshuttle") to the bus stop "Am Kurpark" - from there it's a relaxed 3 minute walk.


Nope, no Smarty Party! But still pretty nice: sustainable, fair, easy and definitely a deal that's hard to resist. With the DB 9-Euro-Ticket, you can not only come to us, but also return to your home world throughout the summer (June, July, August).


Sorry, no jets & ufos in the neighbourhood between the worlds. The nearest airport is Hamburg (150 kilometres away). From there, continue by train or car.


Hit the road to somewhere in between: The best way is via the A23 (exit Heide-West - Wesselburen- Eidersperrwerk). Of course we have underground parking and 2 charging stations for your electric car. Pass the 3 red high-rise buildings and you will be right with us.

Attention: Please do not try to arrive by car via the beach promenade (definitely not working)! If your sat nav doesn't know the way - just enter Fritz-Wischer Straße 9 ... and onwards we go.

  • Parking per night/day for hotel guests: € 8
  • Parking for restaurant guests from a purchase value of € 50: € 8
  • Charging fee for e-cars: € 10 per charge (in addition to parking fees)
  • Parking for non-hotel guests: € 25 per day

By the way...

The "Cityshuttle" (local bus) is free of charge for you in St. Peter-Ording. No matter how you arrive - but only with your Urban Nature guest card (available at check-in).

Water sports

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Kiting & Surfing

Beach volleyball

always and everywhere

Sporty at the beach

Horse riding on the beach

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Horse riding on the beach
Walk on the beach in SPO

Mudflat hike

mudflats for ever

Mudflat hike
Everybody is gone surfing


between the elements

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Friends learn flower arranging

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