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Small steps everyday.

We aim to preserve this world as best we can and to do our part to make it a little bit better. To do so, we have sought partners who share our values and convictions. Together with them, we support various ecological and social projects worldwide. More information on this page.

We take Responsibility

What’s good for you is good for our Nature!

Our Self Care Club Lila Wolken is all about you and your balance. Here, we want to offer you an experience in harmony with mother nature. That's why we chose the natural, organic products from L:A Bruket. Sounds like Hollywood, but made in Sweden. Exclusively as the only hotel in Germany, we offer you personal nature secrets in the form of peelings, lotions and much more. Without any chemicals or other fuss.

Our Amenities? All natural, no plastic. All the care products in your room are also sustainable. Straight out of Denmark, straight to us: the sustainable product line from our partner iLoveEcoEssentials. From shampoo to body lotion, everything is made from natural and organic ingredients - zero microplastics! In addition, iLoveEcoEssentials is working with the Plastic Exchange project to rid the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan of plastic. For every item purchased, 1 kilogram of plastic waste is collected. We think: pretty nice.


L:A Bruket iLoveEcoEssentials

Cleanwave Bottles

The bottle against

Single use

Plastic consumption.

Cleanwave Refill

Thirsty? Our Cleanwave Bottle keeps you hydrated! While you're with us, we'll sponsor you your own Portable Bottle - ready for refill at any time, at our kiosk or simply right in your room from the tap. Ride the wave towards a plastic free world! The Cleanwave initiative not only produces practical recyclable bottles to help reduce plastic waste, but also creates water refill points and fountains through the Cleanwave Foundation, starting in the Balearics and now all over the world - which we are happy to support!

Sustainable Fashion

Not all clothes are the same. We don't want to support the usual manufacturing processes of clothing. That's why we decided to go for pre-loved fashion. In cooperation with the sustainable fashion designer Anna Schuster, used textiles were reworked into new, individual pieces of clothing. These are now experiencing their second adventure as uniforms for our crew and at the same time underline the personality of each individual team member.

Urban Nature at its best! For the perfect symbiosis of both worlds, we have made a real match with the sustainable Hamburg textile brand Bridge&Tunnel. The aprons in the Gastro and the cushions in our Rooms & Suites are upcycled jeans.

In addition to using existing textiles, the label empowers socially disadvantaged people and offers them career prospects. Good for nature, good for people, good for you.


Designer Anna Schuster bridge & tunnel

Neo-ecology is an integral part of what we do. In our daily tasks we always keep the environment in mind - that's why the rooms are only cleaned daily if specifically requested, otherwise we save water and energy and send our Team Mates from House Keeping on tour every other day.

In return, we donate 3 euros per room for every skipped cleaning to social or ecological projects such as the Schutzstation Nationalpark Wattenmeer!

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Is a heartfelt matter

Our Goal for
a better future

Food can make a difference: Im Restaurant Auntie Clara gibt’s richtig gutes Soulfood. Das bedeutet nicht nur super leckeren Geschmack: Auntie Clara serviert dir die Welt auf einem Teller – dabei achtet sie aber darauf, dass möglichst viele Produkte aus ihrer eigenen Heimat stammen. Daher arbeiten wir – wo immer möglich – mit ausgesuchten Erzeugern und Anbietern aus unserer Region (zum Beispiel dem Marienhof, Grell Naturkost oder der Friesischen Schafskäserei) zusammen. Oftmals bio, saisonal und immer lecker.

We support alternative drive concepts

Green Energy

We love e-mobility - that's why you'll find charging stations for your electric car here. Even without your own car, you can easily reach our cosmos of contrasts. Simply enter the station "Bad St Peter-Ording" as your destination in the navigator (only about 15 minutes away on foot).

For your mobility on site, you can easily rent an our cool longboards and skateboards. You can flutter around the block in total relaxation, while our pimped-out handcart is perfect for exploring the neighbourhood on four wheels.

The same goes for bikes, of course, which you can comfortably rent in the neighbourhood.

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... or just fancy a taste of sun and sea in SPO, then cruise on over and get going!

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Neo-ecology in the team

& more

Do you feel like giving a workshop on topics like neo-ecology, DIY, nature conservation, the Wadden Sea, fair trade or other exciting topics ... with us in our Creative Corner?

Feel free to get in touch


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